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Geometric Jewelry

As per my usual fashion when it comes to jewelry trends, I've found myself itching to get some geometric inspired jewelry after the trend has nearly died down. While shopping the Forever21 50% off clearance sale I decided to pop over to the jewelry page to see if I could find anything that peaked my interest. Two necklaces caught my attention and I couldn't be happier with them!

The first is the Triangle Charm Necklace ($4.80) which is a really simple piece with three different colored triangles at the end of a fairly long chain. It's completely perfect in my book. Simple yet unique and can be worn with anything! The second necklace I couldn't find on the website anymore. It's the Simple Stated Geo Necklace ($5.80) and makes a bigger statement than the other one. The chain is a bit shorter and only the top two sections move. I'm in love!

Check out what else I picked up during my online/in-store shopping spree with this video!

Do you own any geometric inspired jewelry?

xoxo Kalya


  1. Love the three triangles! xx

    1. I'm definitely in love! So simple but really cool!

  2. I've always liked geometric jewelry! I want some earrings. I really really like the first necklace!

  3. i love geometric jewellery like this!the photos you have put up are lovely:)both necklaces are awesome:)xx


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